Anti Slip Floor Sheets - Description

The GRP 4mm thick sheets are designed to fit over existing traditional substrates to immediately transform surfaces to give an excellent anti slip finish and contrasting in colour (if required).
Virtually any surface can accept the GRP Safety sheets and assuming a good condition substrate, other than an initial brush over, the sheets can be fitted immediately.A choice of colours allows for Building Regulations and DDA requirements to be met on ramped access with important areas highlighted in a contrasting colour. The anti slip aggregate offers extreme slip resistance even in wet or poor weather condition.
One big benefit of the GRP sheets is they can be installed and can be instantly walked on without the need for keeping the areas shut down for long periods of time. If they are fixed with the standard double fixing method of adhesive and screw fixings, as soon as they are laid the area can be put back into immediate use, so no costly down times.
Sheets are generally available from stock sheet sizes of  2440mm x 1200mm and can be cut down to any size to suit the application. At just 24kg per sheet they are easy for manual handling and can be fitted in a quick time.

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Key Benefits

  • Full Coverage of Floor

    2440mm x 1200mm stock size sheets can easily be cut to any shape or size so the whole of the flooring area can be fully covered for full safety underfoot

  • Non Slip Top Surface

    The anti slip sheets have an exceptionally grippy top surface aggregate to provides excellent slip resistance in wet or icy conditions

  • Tough Hard Wearing Fibreglass

    The flat sheets are made using high quality resins and glass fibres that, once cured, gives an exceptionally tough and heard wearing core structure

  • Legislation Compliant

    Being anti slip and also available in contrasting colours, the flat sheets meet with the requirements of the Building Regulations and DDA

  • Choice of Colours

    A choice of 3 colours is currently available for the standard sheets

  • Simple Installation

    The anti slip sheets are designed to be very easy to fit and can be done by a maintenance man very quickly

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Standard Anti Slip Flat Sheet
The maximum in stock dimensions of the anti slip sheet is 2440mm x 1200mm with common sizes multiples of the stock size, 1200mm x 1200mm and 1200mm x 800mm. For coverage of large areas, sheets are simply butted together. Material thickness is 4mm. Unlike other similar products, the GRP Safety sheets are made via the pultrusion method as oppose to hand lay up, this ensure complete consistency in the thickness and size of the panels.
 BlackSafety YellowStone / Sand
GreyBlack with 50mm Yellow ‘Hazard’ strips on either edge

Grit Top Finish for Standard Flat Sheet
 For standard industrial applications, the Coarse grit top surface offers the greatest traction underfoot for wet and oily conditions.For an easier clean and less coarse finish the Fine grit top surface is available that still offers good slip resistance.

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Get your Quotation Now    Get your FREE Sample

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