GRP Decking Strips - Description

GRP Decking Strips (we supply the strip only, not the decking board) are designed as a quick and simple solution for dealing with slippery decking walkways. The anti slip decking strips are only 3mm thick with chamfered side edges so do not present a trip hazard. The strips are made from fibreglass (GRP) via the pultrusion method, which ensures each strip is exactly the same and very strong. 
Generally traditional timber decking and walkways look nice but are extremely slippery in wet and icy conditions. In addition, if they are not regularly cleaned they can become slippery even in wet conditions, a really big concern for members of staff and general pedestrians. 
The decking strips come in 3 different widths to deal with the large variety of decking boards and can be cut down in length if required, from the standard stock sizes of 2400mm and 1200mm.
The GRP Decking Strips come in all sizes with pre-drilled holes, eliminating the need for you to mark out each strip. To help further, the correct type of screws (stainless steel) are supplied with each strip. No adhesive is required as the design of the strips and the screw fixings hold them tight in place.
By simply installing the non slip decking strips to your area, you will instantly transform the deck into a safe walking environment for everyone. Even better, no specialist installation skills are required to install our GRP Decking Strips, all you have to do is lay them in position on your timber boards and just screw through the pre-drilled holes with the supplied screws.
Your decked area is available to be walked on straight away unlike wet coated systems. With a selection of colours your new anti slip decking strips can either blend in with the surroundings (whilst still providing the safety slip resistance) or can be highlighted in a stand out colour.

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Key Benefits

  • Full Coverage of Decking Area

    With the choice of 3 different widths, generally all deck boards can be fully covered

  • Non Slip Top Surface

    All decking strips have a hard wearing slip resistant surface

  • Tough & Hard Wearing

    All decking strips are made from tough GRP (fibreglass) and stand up to hard punishment

  • Choice of Colours

    3 different colours are available, providing choice for most applications

  • Quick & Simple

    Hardly any prep work, lay them out, screw in place and then walk on them, simple

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Standard Decking Strips Specifications
Decking strips are in stock and sold  at 2400mm or 1200 lengths, this generally deals with the majority of decked areas. We offer 3 different widths of the strips, all with chamfered side edges and pre-drilled holes to suit. 50mm, 90mm and 120mm for larger decking board 2 strips can be butted together. Material thickness 3mm. All strips come with stainless steel screws to secure the decking strips to the timber decking.
Available ColoursAvailable Top Surfaces
New Decorative Range – Coming Soon
Deco greyDeco Red
Offering maximum slip resistance in virtually any weather conditions
Good slip resistance still but finer aggregate so easier to clean and more suited to schools and nurseries etc.

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