Description - GRP Tactiles

GRP Tactiles are 400mm x 400mm fibreglass tiles that  are designed to meet legislation that requires certain areas to have raised tactile areas on flooring in specific scenarios. The legislation is designed for blind or partially sighted people to be able to determine underfoot when hazards are present.
Corduroy tactiles that have horizontal ribs are used at the top and bottom of staircases and on mid landings where required to identify that a change in elevation is coming up.
Standard blister tiles have small evenly spaced raised blisters and are used at pedestrian crossings to identify a road crossing point.
Off street blister tiles also have small raised blisters but the blisters are even in one direction but offset in the other. They are used at railway platform edges. The even spaced blisters highlight the safe walking direction with the offset identifying the direction to the platform edge.
All tiles have an anti slip top surface allowing them to be installed both internally and externally. At only 4mm base thickness, the tiles can be installed without the need to dig out to inset the tiles, which is common with traditional concrete tactiles.

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Key Benefits

  • Legislation Compliant

    All tactile tiles meets the requirements of the current Building Regulations. The requirements of the DDA are also met.

  • Non Slip Top Surface

    Anti Slip top surface for excellent slip resistance.

  • Tough Hard & Wearing

    All tactile tiles are made from hard GRP (fibreglass) for increased product longevity

  • Different Types available

    Different tactiles available for different applications (see specification tab for more details).

  • Quick Installation

    No need to excavate, at only 4mm base thickness they can be installed straight on to an existing substrate

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Standard Tactile Tile Specifications
 Each tactile tile, regardless of the type is available in 400mm x 400mm square but each have different top surface designs for different applications. The base material (excluding rib or dome) is 4mm thick. Regulations for the corduroy and standard blister, generally call for an 800mm depth meaning two rows of the tiles, which butt up perfectly without any raised sections.
Corduroy Tactiles
Corduroy GRP Tactiles are designed to be used at the top and bottom of staircases and are a warning of stepped access and other areas.
On Street Tactiles
On Street (standard blister) GRP Tactiles should be installed in the absence of an upstand at both controlled and uncontrolled crossing points.
Off Street Tactiles
tactiles-offstreet-no-dims tactiles-offstreet-spec1
Off Street Blister  GRP Tactiles are designed to warn visually impaired people of the edge of all off,street railway platforms.
Available Colours
 Available for in Buff (Stone / Sand) for all tactilesAvailable in Red for On Street Standard Blister tactiles only

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